Why more people are deciding to stray from the iPhone and use other alternative brands

There are around 700 million active iPhone worldwide, making it the most used brand of phone in the world, generating billions of dollars in profits each year. A lot of Apple customers have been loyal to the company for years, remaining loyal buying or upgrading to the newest iPhone instead of going for other brands alternatives. Apple brings out a new iPhone every year, doubling their efforts this year they launched two, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X. Although Apple seems to be going strong, more and more people are beginning to decide to use alternative brands…

  1. Android phones are cheaper

iPhones are only getting more and more expensive with every new phone they bring out, with the new iPhone X costing around £1,000. There is an abundance of smartphone devices that offer similar, if not the same features as Apple, but cost less (handset costs) and have lower contract bills. Many people believe that increasing Apple prices aren’t justified, as there doesn’t seem to be many prominent changes between the phone models. Android phones are taking the opportunity to offer fresh ideas and phones with a lot more features, which could be a significant reason as to why more people are picking Android over Apple.

  1. Single use accessories

Apple offers an array of iPhone accessories including headphones and chargers. Over the years, Apple users have become frustrated with the change of charging ports, meaning you have to upgrade your charger alongside your phone. Android phones present a universal charger that can be used for almost all Android phones, meaning you won’t have to keep buying new chargers and waste more money.

  1. Endless software updates

Apple iPhones seem to continuously need to be updated, with annoying reminders popping up on your phone continuously telling you to do so. The updates take a good 10 minutes to complete making your phone completely unusable, however, this isn’t the only thing that annoys iPhone users about these updates. Although these updates are put into place to update security issues or any issues with the phone, they are actually making it more difficult for people to use their phones. The software updates use more memory and older iPhones don’t actually support the update, making their phone a lot slower. Some people are seeing the constant updates as a lose-lose situation where whether they update or not.

  1. Unwanted new features

When it comes to the new iPhones that are being released people are very angry about certain features that are being introduced that they don’t want, including creating the phone screen buttonless, instead making it all touchscreen and the introduction of face recognition to do actions such as unlocking your phone. The new face recognition feature has been quite controversial with many people discussing how safe and secure it is. These new unwanted features are enough to put people off buying the new models of iPhones.

  1. Better features elsewhere

Many Apple customers also complaining about features that iPhones don’t include, that customers have been desperately asking for and because of this, customers are becoming frustrated and turning to alternative brands that do offer them. A big problem for iPhone users is charge time, as the charge usually runs down quite quickly. Android and other brands of phone are known to have a longer charge time and some significantly more so. Another problem for some iPhone users is not having enough storage space. Most Android phones have a removable SD card port for additional storage, making it perfect for some people who use their phones for a lot of things and need that extra memory space.  Android phones also allow for ‘multi window apps’, where you can have different apps open at the same time, ‘on device call recording’ and a ‘multi user mode’, where you can have multiple profiles on your phone including a guest mode. These features are very useful for some people and is enough to sway them away from using an iPhone and using other brands that offer them.
It seems to be that the topic of Apple and iPhones are becoming a controversial subject, with many people being very split on whether having an iPhone is actually really worth it anymore. Love it or hate it, Apple are still the number one phone manufacturing company, but will this all change in the future? We will have to wait and see.


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