Over 10% of global Internet traffic is mobile

Technology is a fast moving business with things changing daily.  If you want your business to ride the technology wave rather than drown then you need to embrace the technological age.

Having your own website is very important as the internet is one of the main ways potential customers will search for you and this will be their first impression of your company.  Once you have a website you need to make sure it works, and works on all browsers and computer operating systems without compromise.  This is the minimum you should aim to achieve and you should be looking to tap into other platforms and therefore markets your competitors may have forgotten.  This means thinking about how, where and why people will access your site.

So many people now use mobile technology to access the internet, be it on a smartphone or a tablet, the mobile market is fast growing and one that’s a great resource for business.  Purchases made on mobile devices last year accounted for $6.7 billion in the US alone, and are set to be even higher this year.  10% of all internet traffic this time last year was from mobile devices accelerating rapidly to that point and beyond.

A simple, easy to use, and fully functioning mobile site or app could be the best marketing move you’ve ever made, giving you access to formerly untapped resources.

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