New Signs

We’ve just got some new signs outside the office and are very pleased with them. We’ve had a little problem with our previous signs keep being damaged in the high winds we get down here at the marina. The marina is on a spit of land and is very exposed to the weather, so in the summer it’s lovely, but in the winter and this time of year, with high winds and rain our signs kept getting damaged.

So we needed to look for alternative. Matt found and found a mesh banner, it was only £35 so we thought we’d give it a try. So far so good, as the wind just goes right through the mesh. Last week we had a storm hit the boatshed, some other signs came down, along with roof tiles, but the banner held fast.

Definitely worth a look!

Now that we know this type of banner works well for us we are going to get some more ordered.

Anders Bohea – boxChilli Media

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