My Journey Development Meeting

Last Wednesday we had various visitors from across Hampshire County Council including Portsmouth Council and Southampton Council to discuss the needs of the ‘My Journey’ website, which is an ongoing project.

My Journey is a campaign that aims to help the Hampshire residents with key information about public transport and using a wide range of different travel options including walking, cycling and many more.

We had four separate groups in during the day including, the Marketing Officers, Project Managers and staff that look after Active Travel, Schools and Workplaces. We discussed the website overall and what the main problems with the design are, as well as problems within the tabbed areas.

Even though the design at the moment is fantastic, there is huge scope to make the website more engaging and user friendly – that’s where we come in. We have had some great feedback and it provides a good starting point to work from.

We can’t wait to see the positive effects it will have on peoples commutes in Hampshire!

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