Mobile Search SEO

Google is predicting a big boost in the number of mobile searchers. There is a slow yet steady rise in mobile search ever the recent years, but the number exponentially grows each month according to a source.

Claire Cain Miller of New York Times writes about the short history of Google’s take on mobile search, saying that the company started to focus on mobile search in the early days of iPhone era when new smartphones owners were doing a lot of searches via the web.

However, the feat was a challenge to Big G, because early searches on mobile devices yield results very slowly. It is something that Google cannot accept, so they began a project dubbed as Grand Prix.

Grand Prix is a project that focused on improving mobile search including the possibility of taking pictures or talking instead of typing keywords and search queries. The study now paid off, and in fact, according to StatCounter, Google currently holds 97 % for searches on a mobile phone.

Amit Singhal a Google fellow working on mobile search said that they are very excited about the development in this field of search. Google initially had a similar team working on web searchers, and now that the same system is being implemented on the mobile counterpart, the public can expect better user experience among others. Singhal compared his task into raising another child having the same growing pace.

On a side note, investors are criticizing Google on how it handles new web opportunities like web search; they say that the company is comfortable on the old web search that it acts slowly on new and breaking web opportunities.

Eric E. Schmidt, Google’s ex-chief executive exclaimed that they are prioritizing mobile search. Google recently made a mobile advertising position in the company to answer to his call.

Experts agree that Google’s focus on mobile search will usher a new era in Search Engine Optimisation and Internet Marketing.

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