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Keyword and Keyphrase Research from boxChilli media,
Visitors search on the major search engines for products and services that they are after. Often these search terms fall in the form of a question such as “how to optimise a website”. The clever part of any onsite keyword optimisation is extensive analysis of the variety of keywords which may direct to your product offering and then working around these.

An all to common mistake can be identifying and focusing on irrelevant keywords or ones that are just too generic. A client of ours came to us and asked us to help optimise their site for the keywords “swimming pool”. Whilst there was a lot of searches on the term, it would have cost considerable time, money and focus to achieve top page results for what would have been a poor return.

The term “swimming pools” is heavily searched (450,000 searches a month) a lot of people are actually searching for their local swimming pool not a supplier.

Added to that, if you know what you’re searching for you don’t tend to be generic. An example of that would be if you were in the market for a new Audi A4 2.0TDI you wouldn’t tend to just search “cars” into the search engine.

Referencing back to the swimming pool company example, we identified that over 80% of their traffic was generated from specific keyphrases such as “certikin sealed beam light” as opposed to “pool lighting”. We then made strategic effort to focus on phrases relating to product types, supplier names etc which has also subsequently resulted in a first page listing for swimming pools along with all their long-tail phrases.

It is our job at boxChilli media to ensure thorough keyword analysis is performed to identify the phrases and words which should generate you the most efficient conversions for you business.

Remember that’s it’s not quite as clear cut as you might think! The obvious is not necessarily the most effective.

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