John Lewis returns as the king of Christmas ads with #BusterTheBoxer

The holy grail has arrived; it’s big, expensive and available on a screen near you – the John Lewis Christmas advert of course; the highly anticipated annual campaign has rightly earned its title as the king of Christmas ads, and unlike Christmas it never fails to disappoint. The countdown to the event, which has been likened to the countdown of Christmas itself, has been the topic of conversation amongst the marketing and advertising world for the last several weeks. What will they do, and how will they top last year’s #ManOnTheMoon, which received a phenomenal 25 million views on YouTube.

It’s not just the industry professionals that have been anticipating this advert, the British public has been too. The country is so desperate for this advert that the public has been sent into a flurry (think snowstorm) by knock-off attempts left, right and centre. Most recently a college student’s coursework became the top trending topic in Britain, having fooled the nation into thinking his homework was the work of John Lewis’s million-pound animation team.

In a time of social chaos (Brexit and Donald Trump – need we say more?) the country is in clear need of some cheer and hope, and the John Lewis advert can provide exactly that. The geniuses at John Lewis that work year round to concoct the perfect formula of emotion that’ll pull at anyone’s heartstrings are being counted on to deliver the best one yet. Fortunately for us the wait is over and we will soon be able to indulge in our favourite Christmas marketing treat.

The rumour mill has been buzzing with speculation, covering everything from the characters to the music, yet the most anticipated question has been whether or not John Lewis are going to stick to their typical tear-jerker adverts, which has proved to be their bread and butter. These past campaigns such as #ManOnTheMoon and 2014’s much loved #MontyThePenguin are ones that leave you feeling like you need to go and buy someone you love a present, in order to prevent them from being sad or alone.

It would be assumed that this would be the case for this year’s advert, however several clips that surfaced earlier this week started suspicions that this year may be different. Three 10 second teaser clips appeared via the twitter account @bouncing2016 – and while John Lewis didn’t confirm anything, they didn’t deny anything either. The account revealed a large clue in the form #BounceBounce showing a huge difference from previous years personified hashtags. If the hashtag is anything to go off it could mean that John Lewis are shaking it up this year.

The content for the clips is simple and sweet, proving true to the saying that less is more. The little girl goes about jumping on the sofa or bouncing on her bouncy ball as her dog watches on in fascination, his eyes watching her go up and down, up and down, and so on – hence the #BounceBounce. The addition of teaser clips heightened the expectations to a whole new level and had the whole nation anticipating the release.

This morning the advert was released and has unsurprisingly become the most popular topic across social media and news feeds. This year’s advert shows a clear change from the typical sad storylines, and instead follows a more fun and cheerful theme, which is depicted through #BusterTheBoxer who leads the campaign as the loveable family dog who loves to bounce. John Lewis encourages us all to root for the underdog, and inflicts an epidemic of warm and fuzzy feelings as you watch #BusterTheBoxer finally get to bounce on the trampoline.

John Lewis are marketing themselves as the company who has ‘gifts that everyone will love’ – hopefully as much as we love this advert. The geniuses behind this year’s advert have managed to create the perfect combination of happiness, cheer and festive spirit for us as an audience to enjoy – because what really says Christmas is coming like the John Lewis Christmas ad?

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