How to use Google Plus to boost traffic to your site

Google Plus is a social networking site with a twist. Powered by the world’s most popular search engine, it’s automatically connected to the wider Google product line. In SEO terms, this means that your G+ page may be more likely to pop up in a search than your homepage. So how do you turn this around and convert followers on Google+ into shoppers on your website?

Make it easy to transition

It might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many Google+ pages, posts and comments refer to a particular product or website without providing a link. Start with this most basic tactic: make sure you include a direct link to any product or service you name, whenever you mention it. It might seem overboard, if you’ve been talking about the same thing for three days, but you can’t know if a new follower will read your first post or your last, so the link should be in both.

Be clear about what you offer

Not every post needs to be a marketing spiel, but when you’re talking about your products or services, keep the information clear and high quality. Let users know what they can get when they click through, and they’ll be more likely to spot something they want or need. Be scrupulously accurate when providing technical information or product names as a confused customer is less likely to buy.

Keep content shareable and likeable

If a follower shares or likes one of your posts, they’re telling G+ and the world that they approve of your message. This instant (albeit tiny) boost to your SEO is only going to happen if your content is worth supporting. Posts that are liked or shared have greater reach, and shear volume of viewers can improve the number of customers on your website. Crisp images, great offers and snappy writing are essential.

Join relevant groups

No one likes spam, but professional advice in an amateur forum is often welcomed. If you have time to network, joining groups that relate to your business interests can be a great way to spread the word about your products or services as well as increasing the number of followers you have. Make sure your comments are relevant and professional. Ideally, you’ll include a link back to your own site, but prioritize building reputation over improving your SEO to create long term success.

Share and mention

Using new media for effective SEO and marketing can be a shock, as it’s a multi-channel platform. Unlike a TV advert which is broadcast and viewed with little chance of feedback, social networks are all about interactions. It’s essential that you tag people you want to get to know, share posts that match your business goals and reply to comments. Use all the tools the site gives you to get to know your audience.

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