Google updates its ad quality algorithms

Google has updated the quality of its ad algorithms. In short, paid search ads will have the quality of their landing pages assessed. It means – for example – that the keywords within a landing page may be given greater weight if those same keywords are in the ads themselves. Google have been making this move in trials in some of the Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries in Europe and South America since August. There, they found the trials were a success.

Google ads come in many forms – it has a Mobile section that is specifically aimed at mobile content and cellphone users. Part of its AdSense program also allows the owners of sites to place a Google search box in their site – and it will split any of the advertising revenue that is generated from any searches from those search boxes with the site’s owner. Google’s AdWords Quality Score will retain the same format. The quality of the keywords will be weighted if they are exact when matching a search on Google. As before, bid increases and the score will push a site or page up the rankings of ads.

The ad algorithms will work as follows: Those advertisers with the most relevant links to the landing pages are to be ranked higher at a reduced cost. This is so that the users of web technology will have an overall more enjoyable experience when it comes to their searches.

In the past, poorly made or maintained web pages that drew web hits were penalised by Google ads for inaccuracies in their content. It sometimes resulted in the suspension of the accounts for some site owners. The changes mean that paid search ads ought to see a shift but in general, Google anticipates that once things have settled down, there will not be much change.

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