boxChilli’s tashtastic Movember efforts

There comes that time every year where the seasonal frosting begins to adorn the lips of chaps everywhere. From a patchy sprouting of fluff that requires close inspection to verify, to the liberal peppering of the more weathered man, Movember is well and truly upon us. It’s still early doors, and you may yet to have spied the lip craftings of the Movember pledges, but don’t worry, you will soon become aware of this particular brand of facial topiary.

What you most likely have not avoided thus far however, is the social media boom that surrounds the month each year. Facebook, twitter, instagram and many other networks are awash with photographic evidence of gents attempts at a glorious “mo”, not to mention the dedicated apps to documenting the growth of hair on one’s face, something which at other times of year may pass as unremarkable.

During Movember growing an epic ‘tashe steps away from the unavoidable and mundane, as men unite to raise awareness and money for research into prostate and testicular cancer. Following the success of channel 4’s “Stand Up To Cancer”, finding a cure to the disease is more at the forefront of people’s minds than ever, and it is a goal that unites everyone, not just our hairy friends.

Here at boxChilli both Matt and Anders have been working hard to sprout the biggest and best moustaches in aid of Movember, as you can see by the wonderful picture of Matt’s efforts so far! We will keep you updated as they push through the big itch and embrace their strong new looks.

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