Blog yourself new traffic and increase search engine positions

Blogs are very powerful tools when used correctly on a website. People generate themselves reportedly six-figure salaries purely from blogging on hot topics. Such is the power and attraction to blogs these days.

According to Technorati there are now in excess of 112,800,000 blogs in the world which doesn’t account for the 72,820,000 Chineese ones.

A blog has the power to keep your regular visitors updated with all your latest developments, releases and other interesting information your company may have come across all in one place. With the ability to subscribe to blogs using an RSS reader your posts can be fed straight into peoples email inboxes or even to a mobile phone.

Blogs are regularly picked up by visitors and read but also much loved by search engines. A recent experiment with one of our client saw a blog rank number two in Google for the title phrase which was a generic keyword within 22 seconds of it being posted. As you can tell from this Google is putting phenomenal impetus on blogging as being the most up to date and relevant content it can find. With clever linking and content development you can seriously aid the organic search growth of your website whilst also placing yourself at the top of the search engines almost instantly for phrases relating to an article you appear to be an expert on (whether you actually are or not!).

We at boxChilli media have a blog which proves invaluable to us – please check out our blog for an example of just how easy they can be to maintain with new content and how varied this content can be.

If you would like to discuss creating your blog or would like to know how we can help your business call us on 0845 388 1478

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