The Benefits of Saying Thank-You Through Social Media

As an individual, it’s easy to spot when to say thank you, and it’s easy to find a moment. You can drop a thanks into an email, say it as someone opens the door for you or buy a gift to show you appreciate a favour or gesture. As a business, it’s just as important to say thank you, but it’s harder to organize. Christmas is a great time of year to say thank you, and thanks to social media it’s easier and cheaper than ever before.

Who Should You Thank?

Everyone! Everyone likes to be appreciated, even if it’s just for doing the things they agreed to do. Suppliers, customers, colleagues, bosses – reach out through your networks and show people you’re happy to work with them. Historically, a thank you from one business to another had to be formal and carefully crafted. Social media now means you can say ‘thanks! You’re great!’ to another business almost as easily as you say it to a friend.

Don’t Say It If You Don’t Mean It

It’s important to be sincere, otherwise a thank you loses its value. If you’re struggling to phrase a thank you, keep it short and sweet. However, a thank you has more weight if it’s specific – mention a particular action or event that stood out recently.

It’s Always Nice To Get A Gift

If you’re thanking your customers for sticking with you another year, then a freebie or valued special offer will help show you care. If you’re a local business, like a hair dresser or mechanic, you could invite customers to drop in for a cup of coffee or a glass of mulled wine on a particular day. Online businesses can give virtual gifts – perhaps a funny video, a sneak preview, or a discount code to use on Christmas shopping.

What Can You Get Another Business?

When you’re thanking another business, perhaps a supplier or client, social media really comes into its own. By saying thank you in public and on the record, you’re giving the business you thank a stamp of approval, effectively recommending them to all your followers. Naturally, this isn’t something you should do willy-nilly, but if a particular organization has done exemplary work, then say so and you’ll make their day.

Email, Snail Mail or Social Media?

If we’ve convinced you to say thanks more, there’s still the question of how to get the message across. Each method, from text to carrier pigeon, is appropriate only in certain circumstances. The key things to consider are:

– Will this message get through to the right person?

– Would this person rather this thank you was public or private?

– Can I add something extra to this thank you?

As an example, most people read texts immediately, so they’re great for a quick ‘Thanks!’, but you can’t tuck a gift card in that little blinking envelop.

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