As easy as 1,2,3

So you’ve fought hard and managed to secure an online budget. The invaluable tools of a clean, attractive and easy to use website, good SEO, and a social media presence are within reach. The key now is not to blow it. There are many pitfalls that can be avoided by simply knowing what to spend your money on. The trinity of Webdesign, SEO and Social Media all work together to form a great online presence that you can ideally make pay for itself. There is little point blowing the entire budget on just one of these areas as they all need each other to work best.

You may spend the whole budget getting yourself an all singing all dancing site. Great, but who’s going to see it if it’s not optimised? Equally, you could have a site optimised to within an inch of its life but if it’s directing customers to a naff looking site that doesn’t work properly then it’s not going to generate any sales or business. These two are then held up by a good social media presence which helps with SEO by generating site visits. Social media also works as a separate entity with many people now using social networks to find out about local and national businesses and services. The social side provides a face for the brand for people to interact with completing the triangle.

If in doubt, always ask. We are happy to discuss projects big or small and tell you the best way to get ahead.

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