9 Growth Hacks to Try in 2015

Everyone has time for a growth hack. These great ideas can have a big impact on your digital marketing strategy, and really bring in results. We’ve rounded up ideas that affect your whole site, so there are some here for your web developers, some for marketing, some for communications – that’s something for everyone here at boxChilli!

What is ‘Growth Hacking’?

Growth hacks are digital marketing tricks that can help grow your number of visitors, user base and profits. They come from a style of working that originated in computer programming and has spread rapidly. If you look online, you’ll see posts about like life hacks, productivity hacks, fitness hacks, food hacks and more. They are all small changes that can add up to a big impact.

1. Automate your Facebook Updates

Well, not all of them, obviously. But you can easily ensure that whenever you update your company blog, a note goes up on your Facebook page.

2. Add a ‘Contact Us’ Button to Every Page

This is ideal for websites that generate leads, not direct sales. Make it really easy for customers to get in touch by having a standard button in on every page of your site.

3. Add a ‘Buy Now’ to Every Product Page

Great for e-commerce sites. The easier it is for customers to get to the check out, the more likely they are to do so.

4. Try an Alternative Ad

Make a few changes to your current ad, and upload a second version to your favourite ad network. Run the two simultaneously (this is called A/B testing or split testing) and find out which is more effective.

5. Set up an Automated Tweet

Being a bore will get you nothing but unfollows. That said, a few regular tweets can bring in the clicks. A good choice is a gentle reminder about a special offer.

6. Check your Stats

Been updating your blog? Adding new products? Launched a new ad? Check your site stats and see which of your digital marketing tactics are bearing fruit.

7. Contact Past Customers

Re-marketing can be very effective: these people already know who you are and may have shopped with you before. Send them a new offer for your e-commerce store or an announcement about a new product. If you have a small client base, a personal message might be more appropriate.

8. Try a New Ad Network

Only used Google ads? Try Twitter. Focussing on Facebook? Try TribalFusion. Branching out to a new network can give tired digital campaigns a boost, and may help you find a better niche.

9. Get Listed in a Directory

Whether it’s the Yellow Pages, a start-up directory like Launching Next or a niche directory in your field, a listing can draw traffic. Be wary of high cost listings – the benefits may not be worth the outlay.

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