6 iPhone Apps That Will Increase Your Productivity

Fiddling with your smart phone may be the greatest productivity killer this century. But not all Android and iPhone apps are a waste of time – a few can actually make your day more productive. Here are our favourites.

1. Evernote

Possibly the ultimate note-taking app, Evernote lets you grab text and images from the web; make lists and notes; attach documents or PDFs and even sync from folders on your desktop. Sort, tag and search to make finding content easy. Notes and folders can be shared with other users and synced across multiple platforms – ideal if you’re on the go or working in a team.

2. HootSuite

Available as an iPhone app, as well as on Android and PC, HootSuite lets you access all your social networks in one place. It’s a great choice if you’re building a social media campaign and need to cross-post news on multiple platforms. It also lets you schedule posts and tweets, and check responses when you’re on the go. Only use it if you’re working on marketing though – otherwise having constant access to Facebook, Twitter and the rest can be a real productivity killer!

3. Swype

If you’re still tapping out text messages and emails on your phone key by key, get Swype. This clever Android and iPhone app lets you sweep over the letters in a word. It might take a few goes to get the hang of it, but it quickly picks up your style and can dramatically increase your typing speed.

4. RescueTime

How much time do you spend on Facebook when you should be working? How long did that report take to put together? RescueTime is a PC app that tracks how long you’ve been using different programmes for and displays reports. Sort webpages and programmes into categories, and find out how much useful work you’re really doing in an hour.

5. Gmail

It’s available on every platform, and constantly getting smarter. As email is so important these days, handling it successfully is critical. Unlike other tools, Gmail pre-sorts emails for you, letting you get to the important ones quicker. It also archives messages quickly and is easy to search. It’s fully integrated with other Google products, making adding an appointment to Calendar or a file to Drive simple. And yes, you can use it with your own me@mycompany email address.

6. Cloud Document Storage

There are a few to choose from, and several that offer free storage at low volumes of data. A good cloud storage centre can keep your documents secure, making an ideal remote back up, let you share large files easily, provide versioning and also let you access them securely from multiple locations We like Box and DropBox. Google also offers free storage to Gmail clients (and an account is free, too). For enterprise-level solutions or greater security, ask us for specific advice.

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