10 Ways to make your Website Better Today

You don’t need to be a programmer or a marketing expert to make your website better. Depending on the website design tools used to create and manage your website, you may not even have access to the foundations of your site, but you can still make a difference by fixing these common errors. These first three tips should take less than five minutes to check.

1. Check your contact details and business hours are correct

2. Proofread your home page

3. Click every link on your home page

The next two tips will help you spot problems that affect how easy it is for customers to use your site. If you find any problems you can’t fix yourself, email your website design team with a link to the page and a detailed note describing the problem.


4. Visit your site from a smartphone or tablet

5. Go through the complete buying process and order something from your site

6. Ask a friend, colleague or customer to look at your website and give you their honest feedback

The final six tips will take a little longer, and you may want to discuss some of these website design changes with your colleagues. These are all ways to improve the usability of your website, making it easier for customers to find you and buy your products.


7. Update your blog or news page

Visitors will notice if the last post on your blog or news page is months or years out of date and will often wonder if your site or business is still running. Take 10 minutes to post a quick note wishing customers a happy new year or mention a new product.


8. Refresh the text on your home page

Many companies print new flyers and signs every few months but forget to update their website. Make sure your home page text is up-to-date and reflects your current situation. Your home page needs to hook a customer’s interest, or they will simply click away.


9. Add a map or driving directions to your contact page

Make it easy for your customers to find you by providing a map and satnav-friendly directions. Including your opening hours is a very good idea, and you should note whether customers need to book an appointment ahead.


10. Remove any out-of-date offers or notices

Nothing makes a website look out-of-date quicker than a reference to something that’s ‘coming soon in 2009!’ For this reason, it’s best to post time-sensitive offers on a blog or news page, where they’ll naturally drift out of site over time.


Need more help? Call in the professionals

As a professional website design and online marketing firm, Box Chilli has a team of experts on hand who can help you make your website attractive to customers. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, get in touch. We can provide comprehensive website creation, management and marketing service or just the elements you need.

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