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PPC and Paid Media Management Service

Paid search is a fast method of gaining new traffic, however, getting your strategy wrong can be costly. Most new digital marketing strategies have an element of paid search in some form to get you up and running quickly. Search engine optimisation will provide you with more traffic, in the long run, but initially, the rankings will be too low to get you any traffic.

Pay per click ads should be employed early on to bring traffic to the site and help gain conversions. This increased traffic level will also help to bring back the spiders more often, to improve your rankings further.

As a PPC agency, our PPC campaigns cover all the search engines and social media platforms, such as Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. We have expertise in most PPC accounts available on the major search engines and social networks. As a Google Ads Partner Agency, we will help you grow your business.

Our team of innovative experts use the latest PPC management techniques to drive traffic to your website and deliver high-quality leads and conversions.

PPC is a fantastic source to drive traffic and increase conversions for new and established websites. Paid advertising campaigns are exceptionally trackable and as a result, it’s very easy to measure how profitable the traffic is.

As a Google Partner Agency, the boxChilli team have been trained to deliver Google Ads campaigns across all their networks. Our team have passed Google’s stringent exams to prove our abilities to work on building and improving your campaigns.

Creating and optimising paid campaigns with high-performance keywords and effective ad copy is essential to get the best return from your PPC campaigns.

If you want to make a quick impact or maintain a competitive edge, Google Ads works well for all types of budgets. You only pay when you get a click; so you don’t pay when someone views your ad. Google ads campaigns are split into ad groups where we can analyse to a granular level which keywords and adverts are working well. We can test different creatives and calls to action, to optimise your performance.

Google is leading us toward a world where we use data-driven automated bidding strategies, but you still need some expertise to make sure that you are using the best strategy to improve conversion rates.

Pay per click PPC management can be time-consuming, particularly making sure that your knowledge is current. Our team of specialists maintain their skills to the forefront of the industry, enabling them to use pay per click advertising to market any product or service.

We will work closely with you to devise and implement the perfect strategy for your budget and aims.

PPC management services are a vital part of your digital marketing strategy, alongside SEO, social media engagement, paid social ads and public relations (PR).

We are a PPC Agency based, in Portsmouth, Hampshire, but with branches creating and optimising ads in Southampton and Chichester too.

Getting started with Google Ads PPC advertising doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. This channel is a very effective tool for many of our clients, so we’ve taken to offering it as standard. Here are three key benefits:

1. Only pay for successful ads

Unlike traditional advertisements, PPC (pay per click) ads don’t charge you per week or month, or per view. PPC schemes only charge you for the advert if users actually click on the advert and visit your site. Our account management strategies, accompanied by our PPC techniques, will ensure you only pay for valuable clicks.

2. Easy to manage your costs

Our marketing strategy makes it easy to manage your advertising costs as you can set a budget for your Google Ads (formerly Adwords) PPC spend, and automatically stick to it. Whether you’ve got a per-day budget for a permanent campaign of a few pounds or a total spend for a major launch in the tens of thousands, we can help you make the best use of your money.

3. Ads are targeted to your market

The backend software for Google Ads makes targeting PPC ads simple. It’s obvious that an ad has to find the right customer to be successful. Compelling ad copy and the use of negative keywords will be employed to improve performance. The demographic information in this channel makes it easy to narrow the search. The program can’t tell you what your demographic should be – but we can do the analysis and figure it out.


Users who have already visited your site, whether they completed a purchase or not, are more likely to recognise your brand, trust it and be open to hearing your offers. They are an ideal segment to promote offers and deals to, a technique called ‘remarketing’. This is a valuable part of your PPC strategy.

Websites like to know where their customers have come from, and which pages they’ve used on the site, not just the landing pages (for example, to make sure that anything you ‘add to basket’ stays in the basket, even if you’re not logged in). Browsers track pages visited in your ‘history’. The software that manages this data can also be used to show a visitor to your site appropriate ads, even after they’ve clicked away and are browsing other pages.

Services, like Google Ads, gather user data and can serve ads to any site visited that shows ads on their display networks. As an example, if you visit a site looking for ‘hotels in Paris’ but don’t make a booking, when you move it may automatically trigger adverts for hotels in Paris with different tempting offers. Naturally, this will be more appealing to someone already planning a trip than to a random member of the public, so the click-through rate and uptake tend to be higher.

Remarketing campaigns need to have a clear focus, and they need to offer visitors an additional incentive to buy. Getting the offer right is the critical part of the campaign, and one that many business owners struggle with. Adverts can be plain text, with images or even animated, depending on the ad network you’re using. It’s possible to re-use adverts made for other markets, but a few tweaks are advised.