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Microsoft offers a great platform for search advertising.

Microsoft Adverting has been through many incarnations over the years, including Adcenter (which also showed ads on Yahoo search) and Bingads.

Microsoft have understood the power of Google Ads and has used a very similar platform, even as far as that you can import your ad campaigns from Google, by logging into Google Ads and selecting what you would like to pull through.

boxChilli has a Microsoft Ads Agency account, from which we can manage your account and campaigns simply and effectively, through the Microsoft Ads manager.

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Why Use a Microsoft Ads Agency?

Worldwide, millions of professionals, businesses, and organisations use Bing as a search engine. Despite traffic levels being less than 20% of that of Google, there tends to be a more mature audience, which converts at a higher rate.

Bing Paid Ads

Bing searchers tend to be older and more professional, so Microsoft ads work very well for B2B clients.

Although anyone is able to set up and manage a campaign for themselves, the skills of a professional paid ads agency will make your advertising perform much better and will no doubt reward you with much higher returns – paying for their services many times over.

Our old Bing Ads agency account is now upgraded to Microsoft Ads, so we can provide you with the experience and skills you need to succeed with advertising on Bing.



microsoft advertising agency - bingads

LinkedIn Profile Targeting

As Microsoft now owns Linkedin, there is a simple link between the two platforms enabling you to target LinkedIn profiles with Microsoft Ads.

This opens up a lot more targeting options, which will improve your performance on Bing.

This method of targeting is only available on Microsoft and is only available in the following countries:

United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France and Germany.

As a Linkedin Ads Agency, we can assist you with this entire process and create great ad campaigns which provide the results you require.



What is smart bidding and how can your business use it

Microsoft UET Tag & Clarity

Microsoft Ads comes with advanced reporting and tracking features. This allows businesses to track their ad performance and measure the results of their advertising campaigns, helping them to make data-driven decisions. A decent Micirisft Ads agency will insist on installing the Universal Event Tracking (UET) conversion tracking tag and request the installation of Microsoft Clarity.

The UET is a small piece of Javascript that needs to be added to relevant parts of the website. It’s a simple process that will give you much better results and the ability to report performance to whoever you need to see them.

Microsoft Clarity

Microsoft Clarity gives you in-depth reporting on how people engage with your site, including heatmaps and screen recordings.

This can be integrated with Google Analytics to give you invaluable data.

Make sure, if you are using a Microsoft Ads agency, that they set this up for you, as a priority.





Why Should You Use a Microsoft Ads Agency?

The vast majority of paid ad platforms are constructed in such a way that anyone can use them. A marketing manager at a business can set up and run ads that will turn a profit.

So why should you use a PPC Ad Agency?

The answer lies in the skill and expertise that a qualified PPC will add to your paid campaigns.

Firstly, as part of a paid search agency, we need to be up to date with all the latest changes in the industry.

Secondly, as we are doing this day in day out, the time we spend on ad creation and optimisation will be much less than someone who looks at the ads every few weeks.

Finally, the knowledge that is garnered from working on ad accounts across many verticals gives us insights that will help get you the best return for your budget.
All in all the fee that you spend on an agency will be returned in full and more, with a greater return and more free time for you to pursue more profitable tasks with your time.

If your business is interested in using us as your Microsoft Ads agency or any of our other services as a multi-platform PPC Agency, get in touch today!