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LinkedIn offers a great platform for B2B companies and business targeting professionals. It is a professional network meaning LinkedIn users are more likely to be in a buying mindset over other social media networks, making it an ideal platform to advertise on to reach potential customers.

The goal of LinkedIn Ads Agency is to help businesses reach their target customers and promote their products or services to professionals. It can be a powerful tool, particularly for B2B marketing, for generating leads, building brand awareness and increasing conversions as well as measure results.


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Why Use LinkedIn Ads Agency?

Worldwide, millions of professionals, businesses, and organisations use LinkedIn as their primary professional networking platform. Therefore, it serves as a perfect platform for reaching out to target audiences and promoting products and services.

There are several reasons why businesses should consider using LinkedIn Ads, including that it allows businesses to target ads to specific demographics like job titles, companies, industries, and more! Ultimately this will increase the chances of sales and conversions as it allows businesses to reach the right people with their ads.

Not only do LinkedIn ads provide an opportunity for businesses to reach a targeted and large audience, it can also do it at a relatively low cost. Compared to other advertising channels, LinkedIn can be particularly cost effective, especially for B2B businesses.


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LinkedIn Insight Tag

LinkedIn Ads Agency comes with advanced reporting and tracking features. This allows businesses to track their ad performance and measure the results of their advertising campaigns, helping businesses to make data driven decisions. Businesses will therefore be able to optimise their ad campaigns for the best results.

Insight Tag is a piece of code that can be added to your website to track conversions and website visitor behaviour from your campaigns. As well as seeing how many conversions came from your campaigns, it also shows which specific ads, audiences and other elements are driving the most conversions.

It can show you how long it takes someone to convert after they’ve clicked on your ad, and whether they converted on their first visit or after several visits. You can also see information on which pages are getting the most traffic from your campaigns and give you a valuable insight into the effectiveness of your ads. This information can help you to refine target demographic, improve ad creatives and increase your return on investment from your LinkedIn ad spend.



LinkedIn Profile Targeting

With Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn, it’s easy to link the two platforms to target LinkedIn users with Microsoft Ads. This offers a wider range of targeting options that can enhance your performance on Bing.

This targeting method is exclusive to Microsoft and is only available in the following countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, and Germany.

As a Microsoft Ads Agency specialising in LinkedIn, we can assist you with the entire process and help to create successful campaigns that will deliver your desired outcomes. Whether you’re looking to drive more traffic to your website, generate leads, or increase brand awareness, we have the expertise to make it happen.

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