Growing Revolution

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  • Total return on ad spend of 11:1
  • Sales in first month reached £59.8k


Growing Revolution provides a unique product which is perfect for those who want to enjoy beautiful greenery in their garden with ease. The vertical garden units stack together to make a “living wall” which uses a watering system to ensure the plants are kept hydrated and don’t need to be tended too every day, even in hot conditions.

Opt for 3 to 10 troughs to transform your indoor and outdoor wall into something amazing. Growing Revolution have created a unique watering system with a water level indicator on each trough of your PlantBox to signify when you need to water.

growing revolution case study increase in sales through PPC

What we did

Social Media advertising is a powerful tool which allows us to target an audience and get the product in front of those who are most likely to buy. With 28.81 million Instagram users in the UK alone, utilising these platforms is an excellent way to boost brand awareness and sales. Our remit was for a strategy based on Google shopping, display and remarketing backed up with Facebook Audience targeting and boosting of posts.

The result

The boxChilli team achieved exceptional results with Growing Revolution, achieving half of the client’s yearly goal within the first month. The target set was to reach sales of £118k for the year, an increase of £12k on the previous year.

The Expected Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) was about 6:1.

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