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Pay Per Click from boxChilli Media

The first place people tend to look for a product or service is one of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN. Millions of searches take place every day, if you’re not advertising then those potential customers won’t find you!

Our UK PPC marketing services and pay per click campaign management is the quickest route to advertise directly to them. Never before has it been possible to spend so little targeting customers and linking them to your website.

The Benefits of Pay Per Click or PPC:

Cost Effective

You only pay when a targeted visitor is brought to your website (rather than when your advert is displayed), which makes it one of the most effective and trackable forms of marketing available.


Your advertising reaches those already actively searching for your product or service, a significant benefit over traditional offline marketing such as TV or print.


You’ll be able to evaluate effectiveness down to the keyword that brought a customer to your website and how they used your website; made a purchase, enquired or signed up on your site.


This is an extremely fast means to generate traffic – you’ll have new visitors the same day the campaign is approved to go live.


Your budget can be increased or decreased on a daily basis, and total spend can never exceed the agreed amount.


The ad copy is specifically designed with your marketing message and a call to action.


Send the visitor direct to the most relevant page of your website, significantly improving their experience and likelihood to purchase or enquire.

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