6 reasons for your site to have regular blogs

In this digital age, it’s unusual for a site not to have a blog. It’s a great way to connect with clients and put regular content on your site. But we believe that it’s no good to have a few old ones from years ago scattered around. Constantly updating your blog page with rich and interesting content is crucial for your website. Here we discuss why:

Shows the site is active

A site which is regularly updated and active shows commitment and effort from the company. An old, tired site doesn’t inspire much confidence in a potential client. If you put time into keeping your site fresh, it shows that you have the dedication to improving and advertising your brand, which in turn encourages clients to convert.

Helpful to clients

Having a fresh blog updated with information about your products or services is helpful to both potential and existing clients. If you offer something niche, background information is great for new visitors to the site. If you recently updated a product, a blog on the new information is helpful for regulars. Even little things like this show a good connection and commitment to customers. If you would like help writing blogs for your website or you need help with other digital marketing services, such as SEO or website design, get in touch with our experts today on 02392 822377.

Shows expertise

It’s one thing selling a product, but by creating blogs it shows you and your team really know what you’re talking about. This is especially true if you can provide the expertise that other similar sites don’t have. This sets you apart and can separate you from the competition. Really think about what your target audience wants to see and try to create that for them. Recommendations from clients are always good and shows attentiveness.

Improves search engine rankings

From the perspective of rankings, blogs can help your site get higher. By including keywords relevant to your site, you are more likely to be picked up by Google and your traffic should increase. More traffic means more potential clients for your business.

Shows an active social media presence

Blogs are one of many ways you can show your business is relevant and active on social media. You can also bounce these off each other and advertise blogs through Twitter, your Instagram account on your blog and so on. In the age where everyone uses social media, you certainly don’t want to be left behind. Social media use is an effective and easy way to advertise your products and service, and done in the right way can increase conversion rates and therefore revenue.

Gives back

Whether it’s an informative or entertainment piece, blogs are free content which anyone can enjoy. If you really put time and thought into your blogs, they can be a good way to say thank you to loyal clients and regular visitors. There are many ways in which clients can be great, but you as a company must also give back to them with results.

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