7 traits of a great client

At boxChilli, we’ve worked with many clients from many different sectors and walks of life. We have worked on over a thousand websites and digital marketing campaigns over the years. From large companies to small independent ones, and long contracts to short term, we really have seen it all. This means we’ve had the pleasure of working alongside lots of different people. But what makes the perfect client to work with?

Good with communication

The first step to a great project which runs smoothly throughout is communication. This means within our team and also with the client. If we are able to talk openly about needs and what you want for your site, this is even better. Having a client who is hard to contact and speak to makes the process more difficult. Ideally, we should always be in regular communication with all of our clients, so everyone is on the same page.

Open to ideas

Sharing ideas is a great way to bounce of each other and make improvements. We love it when our clients are open to hearing our ideas and taking them on board. Having many successful sites and web campaigns, we have plenty of knowledge on what makes your site great. We love to combine our client’s ideas with our expertise to make the perfect site. If you’re looking to become one of our perfect clients, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today for more information.. We have a huge depth of experience in all things digital and can help your site rank and your traffic increase. We cover areas throughout Hampshire and the surrounding areas including Portsmouth, Southampton, Basingstoke, Winchester and Guilford.


Timing is a key part of what we do. It’s great when a client can respect that by arriving at meetings on time and getting back to us efficiently. We also value when a client understands that we have other commitments. Our dedicated team are always working hard to ensure everything gets done but of course, certain things can’t be completed instantaneously.

Knows what they want

Working with someone who keeps changing what they want can be frustrating. Obviously, things can change during the development process but a client who is confident with what they’re after is always great. Confidence helps to inspire motivation in both our team and our clients so is a great trait to have.


It’s always great to meet a client who is as dedicated to their company as our team is at boxChilli. Seeing someone who’s passionate about providing a fantastic service to their customers is very inspiring. We love working with clients who are dedicated to having a great website which drives great results.

Willing to compromise and learn

When making a website its important to understand that certain compromises have to be made. Some things don’t work technically, or designs don’t end up looking right. Sometimes things our clients envision need to be changed. The ability to compromise and learn from the journey is a great asset for the client to have.


Our team have a lot of experience in our respective fields. When a client is able to trust our thinking and opinion, we really value that. We are driven by results and have your sites best interest at heart. Our experts know how to get your site exactly right.


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