Why a Professionally Graphic Designed Logo is a Great Investment

Hiring a graphic design professional to create your logo, may seem like a needless extravagance but it can be one of the best investments you make. Your logo is a key part of your brand. It’s the face of your company and just as your staff must dress appropriately to greet customers, your logo should be spick and span too.

Many small businesses start with rough-and-ready graphics and this is often a mistake. Unless you’re in the trade yourself, it’s hard to create a logo that looks professional.  With many excellent graphic design professionals now working freelance, creating a compelling logo is easier and cheaper than ever.

It’s Affordable

A new logo or a refresh of an existing concept may cost as little as £50. Hampshire graphic design professionals often specialise in a particular field, such as logo design, allowing them to quickly find the right style and concept for your business. Often, all communication is done by email, making it quick and easy for you to manage the graphic design process.

You’re in Control

Graphic designers are working for you and they’re accustomed to making revisions until they get the logo right. For a new logo or brand, a Hampshire graphic design expert will usually listen to your needs, research your business or industry and pitch 3 concepts back to you. You can then choose which one you prefer or request something else. They’ll then work up the design to your specifications.

People can tell the Difference

People see as many as 5,000 ads and logos every day and are adept at recognising major brands, even if they’re unfamiliar. Professional graphic design work makes a logo stand out from other small businesses and will encourage customers to classify your business as an established, highly professional company. It’s often done unconsciously, but as consumers we’ve all become expert at making snap judgements about brands based on their logo.

You’ll have a Logo for every Occasion

Stretching a logo so it becomes pixelated or using a logo with white centres to letters like ‘o’ and ‘e’ on a coloured background are common mistakes that make a graphic design look amateur. Professional graphic designers can provide a logo design in a number of sizes and formats to suit each need, from a black and white version for letterheads or business cards to a giant image suitable for printing on a sign a metre across.

Your Logo is your Online Face

In the world of the web, customers can’t see how clean you keep your shop or how smartly dressed your staff are. If you’re selling or advertising through a third party website, like Amazon or Google ads, then your logo may be the only part of your business potential customers see. It’s critical that it is attractive and appealing, rather than an amateur effort that drives customers away.

As a professionals in web and graphic design in Hampshire, Box Chilli are happy to provide logo design services to our customers, or recommend an expert for specialist jobs.

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