The Power of Colour

“What’s your favourite colour?” In childhood, this is a frequently asked ice-breaker to which I would always confidently reply blue. Isn’t it interesting how we human beings are drawn to particular colours and often think of them as ‘our’ colours, while simultaneously being repelled by others? If asked my least favourite colour, I would always have answered pink.

In adult life, however, I’ve found that being an artist and graphic designer has heightened my awareness of the rich palette of shades that surround us in our daily lives. Throughout history, colour has always played an important role – think of flags and national emblems, of sports teams and uniforms, of famous products and brands.

Certain colour psychology studies have reported finding that men prefer bolder clashing colours whilst women prefer the softer pastel shades. However, in a modern age where old-fashioned boundaries are less important, I’m sure there are plenty of us who would disagree!

The Power of Colour

Colour Representation

Studies have proven that colours provoke certain responses in us. Red signifies danger or passion, white represents purity and sophistication and yellow denotes joy and creativity. This emotional reaction is an important factor that design companies consider in order to meet their clients’ briefs.

For example, tech companies often use the colour blue in their branding, to communicate reliability and strength, whereas eco companies often use the colour green to signify nature and growth.

Colour has the power to communicate, surprise, persuade and bring cheer. Aren’t we lucky to live in a rainbow world?

The Power of Colour

Blog by Alice Croucher – Design Apprentice

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