Top tips for logo creation

For many customers, your logo will be the most recognisable facet of your business. As your company’s ambassador, your logo should be well-designed, appropriately scaled and look great wherever it’s used. At boxChilli we work with businesses of all sizes, and our graphic designers regularly create fabulous logos. Here are some of our top tips for logo creation:

Tone is more important than colour or style

Summing up your business in one word can be hard, but it makes assessing logo ideas easier. There are dozens of graphic design rules that can be applied to logo creation – and there are successful companies with great logos that have broken all of them. A logo where the tone doesn’t match your business, however, is problematic. As an example, if you’re an engineering company working with heavy industrial clients, you don’t want a logo that makes customers think of a teenage make up brand and vise versa.

Simple is better

Many of the world’s most recognisable brands have logos that are incredibly simple. From the Red Cross to the Nike swoosh, a simple flick of the pen can create something that resonates around the world. While your logo doesn’t have to be iconic to be effective, the graphic design principle that less is more applies. It not only makes your logo easier to remember, it also makes it more flexible, so you can change the colour, size and position without worrying that the overall tone or message is being lost.

Don’t copy or mimic

It can be tempting to take inspiration from an industry leader or a logo design you love, but resist the urge to copy. Not only will major brands protect their logos fiercely, and with lawyers, but consumers will spot the similarity. They may see your company as a knock-off or perhaps forget it entirely, assuming they’d seen something from the leading brand. Better to stand out with your own unique design.

You should have multiple versions of your logo

One logo isn’t enough. At minimum, you’ll want files with different resolutions for use online and in print. Online, the amount of space a file takes up is more important, while print publications (including catalogues, newspaper and magazine adverts) need greater levels of detail so the image doesn’t look blocky, blurry or odd. You’ll probably also want versions in different colours or with different outlines to work on different backdrops. A monochrome (black, white and grey) version is also useful.

Get a professional to do it

It may seem easy but creating a high-quality logo that doesn’t breach any copyright laws is harder than it looks. If you simply use a font you’ve found in Word or adapt an image you’ve found online, then you may get into legal hot water. Even if you don’t, creating a logo that works in multiple situations – from product packaging to a website to an ad in a trade magazine – is skilled work. Professional graphic designers are surprisingly affordable, so why take the risk?


At boxChilli Digital we have a years of experience in graphic design and logo creation. If you are a business based in Portsmouth, Hampshire or surrounding areas and would like to discuss the creation of a new, or redesigning an existing logo in further detail view our portfolio or make contact with our web design and digital marketing team. We really like to talk.

Danielle – Customer Account Manager – boxChilli Digital Marketing

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