Top 6 WordPress plugins for businesses

Make your online marketing easier and more effective with these top 6 WordPress plugins for businesses. It is important to ensure the website building platform is a reliable one, and WordPress is a perfect example of this. A powerful yet easy to use website platform, WordPress has lots of great features built in, including the ability to automatically share posts on social networks and to schedule content. But with a bit of help, it can stop spam comments in their tracks, improve your SEO and much more…

1. Askimet – a great spam filter (free)

Why waste work time on deleting automatically generated spam comments when Askimet can do it for you, and for free? There are a number of excellent spam filter services available, so it doesn’t matter which one you choose as long as you install it properly and use it rigorously. If you don’t, expect to wake up one morning to 10,000 comments advertising fake prescription medications.

2. Yoast – a really handy SEO tool

If you’ve been reading our SEO tips, you may be wondering how to apply some of them to your WordPress site. Yoast provides easy access to under-the-bonnet SEO tools, including 301-page-not-found redirects, meta descriptions and sitemaps. It’s a great choice if you want to do more than simply tag and forget your content, but don’t want to wade into the CSS.

3. Opening Hours – tell your customers when you’re open

This plug-in lets you set standard opening hours, even if they’re complex. This not only helps visitors to your site discover whether you’re open or not, it also feeds the information to Google’s robots, so when a user visits their site looking for a business like yours, Google will tell them if you’re open, making them more likely to visit.

4. Related Posts by Zementa – add relevant links to each post

No single post can answer every question. Providing related information at the bottom of a post or page is a great way to keep visitors moving through your site until they find what they’re looking for. You can include links in your posts, but what about more recent additions? This plug-in from Zementa does the job automatically, updating links when new content is added.

5. Contact Form 7 – get in touch (free)

Give visitors an easy way to get in touch with you by adding one or more contact forms to your website. With customisable fields and a simple push-to-email system, this free app strikes a great balance between usability and functionality. If you need more complex forms, try Gravity Forms.

6. Broken Link Checker – find dead pages, fast

Broken links are an online marketing nightmare as they not only push users away but also negatively impact your SEO. When you’re developing and changing content, it’s easy to wind up with a dead link or three. This plug-in isn’t one you’ll use everyday, but it’s a great tool to check that your links are all live and functioning, just as you’d expect.

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