Why You Should Never Use a Website Builder

If you have a product or service which you want to advertise, getting yourself a website has a host of benefits. A website helps to build credibility, which is especially important if you are a new brand. Information and access to your business is offered around the clock and, when optimised for SEO, you can be found above your competitors in search engines.

If you don’t have the technical skills necessary to build a website from scratch, it may be tempting to try a website builder to quickly create pages for your business. Tools like Wix and SquareSpace amongst others have become hugely popular.

However, although seemingly convenient, using a website builder can create a lot of issues and have a negative impact on your brand image.

Here are some of the reasons you should never use a website builder.

dont use website builders

Lack of Full Control

When you use a website builder tool, you are essentially renting space on their platform to create and host your website.

This means that the tool ultimately controls your website and everything on it. While this may not be an issue for smaller businesses or personal blogs, larger organisations or businesses with complex website requirements may find themselves restricted by the limitations of the tool they have chosen.

Furthermore, if the website builder tool goes offline or experiences any issues, your website will also be affected.

While website builder tools like Wix and Squarespace offer a variety of templates and design options, they come with limitations. Users can customize only to an extent, and most of these tools do not allow for extensive code-level modifications.

This means that if a user requires a unique or specific design, or wants to add custom features that the platform does not support, they will have to look for other alternatives. Additionally, such limitations can be frustrating for users who are not satisfied with the look or functionality of their site, but cannot achieve their desired outcome due to these restrictions.

Limited Search Engine Optimisation Options

This is a big one. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is essential for any website to rank higher in search engine results and increase traffic to the site. However, website builder tools may not always offer the best SEO options.

For example, some platforms may not allow users to access or modify the website’s underlying code, which can make it challenging to optimise for search engines. Similarly, the templates provided by website builders may not be optimised for SEO, and users may not be able to add the necessary meta tags, keywords, or other SEO-friendly elements to their site.

Poor customer support

The aim of most website builders is to gain as many customers as possible with minimum upkeep. You do not build a personable service with them, nor are they interested in your project. You are just a number which means you will struggle to receive support if you need it.

A web developer works with you from initial idea through to ensuring your website runs smoothly, and can advise you on the best practices for a successful site.

Security Concerns

Website builder tools are known for their ease of use and quick setup times, but this ease of use comes with a downside. The platforms may not provide the necessary security measures required to protect user data and information.

Additionally, if the platform experiences any security breaches, it can put all websites hosted on the platform at risk. As a result, businesses and individuals may need to invest in additional security measures or consider alternative hosting options to ensure their data and information are secure.

Bad user experience

It is usually immediately obvious when a site has been created using a website builder. It will offer poor user experience and an unprofessional design. This gives your potential clients a bad first impression which discourages them from seeking further information about your product or service.

You want your user to have a smooth, enjoyable experience navigating your site. This can be achieved when designed and developed by professionals.


No one wants to be bombarded with adverts when you are looking at a site, and the majority of website builder pages are filled with their own advertising. Not only does this decrease your credibility, but it reduces focus on the sales of your own product or service.

The user is being bombarded with too many adverts and is likely to click off. If you are running a legitimate business, these sort of ads and banners make you seem far less credible.

Why You Should Never Use a Website Builder

Expensive over time and hidden costs

While website builder tools like Wix and Squarespace advertise themselves as “free” or “affordable,” many users may be unaware of the hidden costs that can add up quickly. For instance, if you need to use certain features or templates, you may be required to pay additional fees.

Similarly, if you want to remove ads or use your domain name, you may need to pay a premium. Additionally, if you ever decide to migrate your website to another platform, you may be required to pay additional fees for exporting your content.

If you are serious about running a successful company, a professional website build is the only viable way to go.

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