6 questions to ask when writing a blog

Blogs are a really important SEO tool. Not only do they show your site is active to search engines like Google, but it shows the dedication you have to provide regular content. You’re giving away free entertainment or information to users and potential clients, which they will appreciate. Not only this, but regular blogs are a way of giving back and showing your companies expertise on a subject. At boxChilli, we provide comprehensive, quality SEO services which will boost your company’s brand awareness and traffic. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact for more information. Read our six questions to ask when writing a blog.

What is my goal when writing a blog?

All blogs must start with a goal. Whether this is to entertain, to inform, to produce more content for the site or show your site is live and active. Always write with your goal in mind and keep the focus on your topic.

Is my writing of high quality?

Putting out a few low-quality blogs every few months is nowhere near as effective as producing rich content for your clients and users. If you are writing blogs, chances are you have good English skills. Use these and ensure you’re producing the best content you possibly can.

Will my target audience appreciate this?

Consider the target audience for your site and ensure your content is tailored to them. Of course, you can think outside the box, but be aware of who will be reading your blogs and how to cater to them.

Is my blog easy to read?

There’s a difference between the quality of writing and ease of reading. You want your blog to be available to everyone, so it needs to have decent readability. Shorter sentences, paragraphs and headers are all ways of breaking up text and making it easier to read. It’s likely that large chunks of texts will put readers off and they may immediately click away from the page.

Have I included internal links?

A vital task before posting a blog live is ensuring it has plenty of links. These can be outbound, linking back to your home pages or services, or inbound. This is when you link your blog from other pages on your site, or elsewhere.

Have I posted this on my social media?

SEO and social media management go hand in hand. Once you’ve written and posted a blog, be sure to advertise this on your social media by posting them. This means you’ll have links between various social media and your site.


Make sure that you bear these questions in mind when you are writing a blog and you should notice an improvement in your blogs and the engagement. If you need content marketing services to help you improve the quality of content on your website, get in touch with our experts today.

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