Working from home – How to do it effectively

Like so many other people in the world right now, our team at boxChilli are currently working remotely. In order to stay safe, we packed up our computers and created a virtual office space in our homes. We’ve all settled down into the new normal and are lucky enough to be able to carry out all of our tasks as usual. This means all of our services are still available and business is essentially as normal. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any queries or want us to help you boost your brand during this extraordinary time.

Tips for working from home effectively

Having spent the past month working remotely, our team have worked out how to do it in the best way to maximise focus and success. Whilst our jobs and tasks remain mostly the same, a new environment can mean a few changes need to be made to create the perfect working from home routine. Keep in mind that everyone is different, so experiment and find things that work for you. We’ve collated our tips for getting the most out of remote working and setting yourself up to have a productive day.

Prepare for the day

We find that keeping in a routine is the best way to stay motivated. Get up and start your day as though you were leaving the house with your usual shower, breakfast or exercise routine. Why not plan something for the time you’d usually be commuting? Have a coffee in the garden, do a workout or some reading in the time you’d usually be travelling to start your day off right. If you usually spend 40 minutes commuting, think of something you’ve always wanted to learn and use this time to master a new hobby. Although it’s tempting to stay in pyjamas, we’ve found that getting dressed is far more motivating and allows us to get in the work zone.

Stay connected

Keeping in regular contact with friends and loved ones is more important than ever right now. It’s also vital to stay connected with your work team. We use Zoom as a tool for messaging and video calls throughout the day. This allows us to keep on top of projects and send information efficiently. The current situation can leave people feeling a bit isolated, so regular team catch-ups allow everyone to stay connected. Why not organise something fun for the team catch-up such as a formal Friday? We take part in a weekly Zoom quiz with the office to test out our knowledge. Our team use our social media platforms including Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram to stay connected with our audience and clients. These platforms are truly invaluable in the current situation as they allow businesses to continue to communicate digitally. If you would like help with social media management such as content and strategy planning, don’t hesitate to call our experts today.

Set up your space

Set some time aside to create a workspace which is comfortable and a place to focus. Find a dedicated spot in your house to work and set up everything you need. Keep your desk space clear of clutter as a messy desk space can lead you to feel unmotivated. If you find your desk getting busy, use file organisers and holders to arrange everything you need. If possible, choose a space with plenty of natural light and ventilation to promote concentration. It might be tempting to slump on the sofa, but this can be demotivating and put pressure on your back. Sit up and use a chair with lumbar support for your posture. Ensure you take regular breaks to walk around and stretch throughout the day.

Stay goal orientated

At the end of the previous workday or first thing in the morning, write down everything you want to achieve. This allows you to visualise your schedule and prepare anything you need for that task. Think about how long each task will take and how you will structure your workload. Our team use Asana to manage tasks and set out what we plan to do during the day. This allows us to keep track of projects and coordinate with other team members on tasks. We recommend scheduling more challenging jobs for the morning so you can start the day feeling accomplished and productive, as this will set the mood for the rest of the day.

Work-life balance

When working at home, keeping up your work-life balance is more important than ever. With all your equipment at home, you might find yourself working later on projects. Remember to give yourself time to relax in the evening. If possible, get outside for some exercise, even if it’s only a short walk or spend some time in the garden. Otherwise, why not try a home workout? Exercise is a really important factor in helping to unwind and can also improve focus. If you are able to, keep your work and relaxation spaces separate so you can get into the right mindset.

Ask for help

In this challenging time, it may leave you feeling uncertain. If you are working from home, speak to your employer about how they can help you. This could be anything from extra support to borrowing a proper chair or other equipment from the office. Likewise, speak to your team and see if there is anything you can do to help them. Sometimes, being there to listen or help with a small task can make all the difference. Keep up the team spirit even when you’re working remotely.

Our team are all lucky enough to be completing our jobs remotely, meaning our digital marketing services are available. If you need help boosting your brand and business during this time, we can help you. Our industry expertise means we can create a bespoke strategy for your specific product or service which can help you excel. Our services range from SEO, PPC Management, bespoke web design and development and website support. We cover areas such as Hampshire, Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Southampton and many more! Don’t hesitate to get in contact with our experts today for further information.

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