Will eCommerce stores ever replace physical ones?

It’s no secret that eCommerce stores are ever rising in popularity. They are easy and convenient to use, and you don’t even need to leave your living room. They’ve totally revolutionised the way we shop forever, and services are becoming increasingly comprehensive. From clothes to same-day food and supplies delivered, eCommerce provides a range of services for ease and convenience. But the question remains, will eCommerce stores ever replace physical ones? As online services are so extensive, is there any need for the physical alternative? In this blog, we explore the pros and cons of eCommerce stores and physical stores.

Physical store – Try before you buy

Probably the most obvious benefit of having a physical store is the ability to see products in person before you make a purchase. Trying to gauge what clothes will look like from how they appear on someone else is difficult. There’s also the issue of things arriving in the post and looking completely different from what they’re advertised as. Almost everyone has experienced the disappointment of putting on a piece of clothing bought online, and it looks nothing like it’s advertised as. Sometimes items arrive and they are a different shape or material than you pictured. These problems don’t occur when there’s an opportunity to see them in a physical store.

Physical store – Not everyone is online

Although it seems like the whole world is glued to the internet at all times, it’s easy to forget not everyone uses these services. A large proportion of people don’t use eCommerce stores and prefer the physical alternative. Simply relying on an online store may discourage a demographic of people from buying your product or service.

Physical store – More sociable

As more and more services stop needing people to physically man them, we lose out on more social interaction. Although everyone needs their alone time, getting outside and socialising can never be replaced. Shopping is a good chance to get out of the house and get moving. Not to mention, if you need to return something it tends to be much easier in-store, especially if you want a simple exchange. The return can be done then and there, and the money usually goes back into your account immediately.

eCommerce store – Convenience

One of the major appeals of using an eCommerce store is the convenience of it all. If you lead a busy life and don’t have time to visit a physical store, you can use your phone or laptop to find and order exactly what you need in minutes. You can also get it delivered anywhere, usually quickly. If the item you want is large and hard to carry, you don’t need to worry about fitting it in a car and struggling to lift it – you can get it brought right to your door. With an eCommerce store, you can make purchases at any time of day and you won’t need to worry about closing times.

eCommerce store – No/lower rent

An eCommerce store means the owner doesn’t need to spend any money buying or renting a physical place to sell. It’s no secret that retail can be competitive and with more stores closing down it can be a worry. There may be a need for a warehouse or storage still, though without the storefront. With the company saving money on rent, it means they can put this back into their business to improve product quality and grow their business. If you need help designing and building an eCommerce site or improving the traffic to your eCommerce website, get in touch today on 02392 822377.

eCommerce store – No more hunting

Having a browse around the shops can be great for inspiration, but when you know exactly what you want it can be frustrating. With an eCommerce store, you can jump to the exact product, colour and style that you want. No more flitting through the rails when you can use the search bar or menu and find what you need instantaneously.

There are many pros and cons to eCommerce stores, which is why some stores operate in both formats, though it is possible that we will see a greater shift to online-only stores (like Amazon and eBay). If you are looking for an eCommerce site, get in touch today.

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