Why is social media valuable despite low conversion rates?

Social media is one of the biggest phenomena in the world with 53 million users in the UK alone. From the explosion of Facebook in 2004 as a way of catching up with old school friends and sharing photos, social media has well and truly lodged itself into society with usage only getting higher.

The pandemic has pushed many business owners online as they struggle to stay afloat with restrictions and lockdowns in place. Being able to connect with your audience and make a return on investment using online stores is a no brainer, and social media is the next logical step.

The Power Of Social

In 2023 you will struggle to find a successful business that doesn’t utilise Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. That’s without mentioning additional brand awareness tools such as Pinterest and Tik Tok.

Creating a buzz on social media is one of the most prolific concepts in marketing with products such as Little Moons seemingly blowing up overnight, perpetuated by viral video creators online. With these high-flying brands showing all of us how social is done, many smaller businesses want to get in on the hype.

Why is social media valuable despite low conversion rates?

You don’t have to be Apple to market your product or service over social media. Everyone from independent cafes to builders and hotels has a social media presence. They use the platform to answer customer queries, show reviews and examples of quality work.

Despite the impact social media has on every aspect of society, social media marketing strategies actually represent a very small percentage of online eCommerce sales, with tactics such as SEO accounting for a much higher conversion rate.

However, this doesn’t in any way mean social media doesn’t have a hugely positive effect on your business and sales. As a 360 Digital Agency, boxChilli run social media campaigns across a variety of platforms for all sorts of industries and the benefits are significant.

Why is social media so important for conversions?

Why is social media valuable despite low conversion rates?

Brand Awareness

Companies who use social media create a more personal narrative with the consumer, building that know, like and trust factor. New products, reviews and behind the scenes are presented to the consumer like a familiar friend on their screen.

Consistency is the key to any brand and a regular posting schedule builds repertoire with the user. This makes them more likely to think of your business when they need your product or service niche.

Retaining customers

Upselling to an existing customer is cheaper and easier than acquiring new customers and continuing to nurture that relationship is easy with interactive platforms such as Instagram. Owning a product by a brand promotes a certain sense of inclusivity with the business so your future posts and stories have more relevance than the user.

Using tactics such as polls and questions in stories keeps users engaged with your brand.

Why is social media valuable despite low conversion rates?

How to boost user conversion from my social media

  • Ensure all your content is meaningful and has a purpose to move users further down the sales funnel
  • Optimise your platforms. Your header image and description hold a lot more weight than you might think. Ensure your users are staying on your profile and browsing your business instead of clicking straight off
  • Social listening means you can ascertain valuable information about your customer base, pain points and how to help them
  • Optimise your landing page, or speak to an SEO specialist who can ensure your page is enhanced to boost conversions
  • User-generated content can significantly increase social media conversion rates, making reposts and reviews a top priority for your content
  • Contests and promotions are an effective way of getting your business out there, increasing followers and brand awareness
  • Use analytics to understand areas you need to improve
  • Experiment with the use of boosted posts and Facebook advertising, testing campaign intention and demographics to see what works for your product or service
  • Always use a relevant call to action for your content
Why is social media valuable despite low conversion rates?

Social media is an extremely valuable aspect of your marketing strategy and can be something that takes time to perfect. The results of an excellent social media strategy is something that will have a lasting, positive impact on your business.

Need some help with social media management? Our social specialists at boxChilli offer bespoke social media support services which include complete management of all your social platforms, or a 2.5 hour a month social media consultancy package to help you take control of your business socials.

To find out more, get in touch with our team today.

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