Why adword campaigns work for multinationals and one-man-bands alike

Google Adwords, which has now been superseded by Google Ads, revolutionised marketing when it first launched. At the time, online advertising followed the print advertising model used by magazines and newspapers. An ad would be placed on a page for a number of days or page views, with no real effort to ensure that the viewers who saw it were the right demographic. Here’s why Adword campaigns work for multinationals and one-man-bands alike:

Why Adwords is different

In a creative twist, Google tied advertisements to search terms, giving advertisers better access to the right sort of customer and also giving customers better search results. After all, if you’re searching for a builder, baker or candlestick maker in your town, and the first result is a sponsored post for a business two streets over, that’s a success for all parties: advertiser, searcher and search engine.

A campaign of any size and any budget

Adwords campaign creation is an important part of what we do here at boxChilli and we’ve had the chance to study the impact of a campaign on both large and small businesses. Unlike many other marketing strategies, Adwords is truly suitable for businesses of every size. A major factor is that Adwords campaigns are scalable: you can create a campaign with a million dollar spend, or a ten dollar one. You can aim to reach everyone in the country, focus on a county or town, or even (as at least one person did) target an individual friend as part of an elaborate joke.

A campaign designed for you

There’s no such thing as off-the-peg Adwords campaign creation. It’s more like a visit to the doctor than shopping for new jeans. Rather than trying to squeeze into one of a few pre-set sizes, Google will ask you for information that applies to your individual business, diagnosing appropriate target markets and offering various advertising ‘treatments’ based on your input.

Immediate feedback

Big companies will run tests to see if their new designs work, and may pull a dud idea after as little as half an hour – and have lost a million clicks in that time. Google Adwords gives small businesses an equivalent level of feedback, letting you find out what happened to your advertising spend and easily assess whether the investment was worthwhile. A suite of tools let you uncover the secrets of advertising in your market with information direct from your consumers, not filtered through a focus group or marketing survey.

Control, adjust, adapt

Adwords campaign management is an ongoing process and the only way to make the most of the service is to continue to monitor and update your campaign. Rather than spend hours crafting the perfect slogan, Adwords lets you run a split campaign featuring each of the top 3 (or 30). By looking at actual user responses, you can quickly see if your ideas are working better in some markets than others and evolve a campaign that resonates with your audience, shifts with the seasons or simply makes the most of each niche market.

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