What will customers think of my social media profile?

For many businesses, their social media presence was never designed, tested or even considered as a logo or new catalogue would be. Instead, they evolve as time allows. As free online marketing tools, social networks are an attractive way to spread your message and draw followers to your brand. But what do your customers really think about your social media profile? Well, it depends on what’s there. Here are some common responses to corporate profiles.


It’s hard to tell what will interest your customers, and they certainly won’t all respond to the same things. How you position your brand will tell you whether posts about the office Christmas party will make your customers feel like part of your team or whether they’d prefer you shared news from industry leaders instead. Narrowing your scope so you focus tightly on your own industry can improve interest levels – your customers can get news from a hundred sources, but only you post about your new products.


Have you automated your responses, so every direct message gets a form response? Or perhaps you’ve set up a series of repeated posts about your new product or a great offer? If you’re sending too many messages per day or multiple identical (or nearly identical) messages, your followers will quickly switch off. In online marketing terms, too much can be worse than too little. While we’re a big fan of automating routine or repetitive tasks, it’s important to offer content that’s really of value to your followers.


For many customer-facing industries, including small businesses in service areas from hair dressing to roof repair, a chatty social media profile is a great tool for online marketing. Hampshire residents, for example, are more likely to spend with Hampshire businesses where they have a direct or indirect connection to the owner or an employee. If you enjoy social media, and work directly with the general public, a bubbly personality can shine online.


Not everyone has time to chat, but you can still be a font of online wisdom. Posting relevant offers, industry news and keeping strictly on-topic (apart from, perhaps, the odd holiday greeting) can get your social media accounts a reputation for being useful – and that will draw more followers. There’s no need to post every day or respond to every single comment if this is the model you’re aiming for.


By creating a space on social media where people can ask you questions, even if the queries aren’t directly relevant or from existing customers can make your business seem approachable and knowledgeable. Reliable information is hard to find in many niche fields. As an example, YouTube reviews for mundane products may garner thousands of hits, simply because there’s no competition. Branching out in this way, and being responsive to customer queries can help you build a social network that has a direct and positive impact on your business.


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