Top ten extensions for Joomla

The Joomla CMS (content management system) has an enormous range of extensions (or “plugins”) available, some for free, some under license, but which can really add the most value to your business? Here are our top ten extensions for Joomla:

1. Community Builder

Community Builder brings an enormous package of social networking tools to your site including member profiles, feeds, connections, messaging and more. It also features its own range of plugins that enhance its abilities further, such as anti-spam and privacy controls. CB is one of the biggest and well-supported plugins in the Joomla ecosystem.

2. Akeeba Backup

Keep your site safe and secure by backing it up using Akeeba Backup and know that if your site goes down or is lost, or if you need to migrate to a different hosting provider, you’ll be fine. You can also schedule backups to ensure you never forget.

3. ACYMailing

Write rich-text newsletters and marketing emails simply with the built-in WYSIWYG editor. ACYMailing also allows you to keep and organize your leads and contacts through groups and filters. Also comes with a subscription module that allows users to opt in and out. There are both free and premium versions.

4. Kunena

Free open-source forum and discussion solution that integrates well with a wide range of other Joomla extensions, since many Joomla core developers work on Kunena too. Provides the full range of forum features you’d expect including nested forums, messaging, sticky posts, markdown and so on.

5. JReviews

JReviews allows you to easily add user-generated reviews to content types in Joomla. So if you run a web store, this will allow your users to quickly add reviews for your products. If you run a directory-style site, the extension allows users to review the places or businesses listed in the directory.

6. FaLang

Top-rated language extension that allows you to easily configure and store translation information in order to present your site to other countries. FaLang is much easier to use than the default Joomla localization tools, so if you need to go to multiple languages it could really help.

7. JooCommerce

A powerful web shop and e-commerce platform with out-of-the-box Stripe and Paypal integration, with support for physical and digital goods, and complex options for shipping and handling, and for covering taxes. You can set up and track stock levels and discount coupons.

8. JSN PowerAdmin

Complete control over your module layouts, allowing you to move and hide menus, components and modules throughout the site, all on one page with a drag-and-drop interface.

9. Geocode Factory

Create Google maps and insert them into your articles with this powerful, full-featured tool. Plenty of interoperability with other extensions such as Community Builder and JomSocial.

10. AdsManager

If you’re looking for an Ebay-style classified ads plugin AdsManager is it, with flexible customizable fields and the ability to add YouTube and Google Maps into adverts, and with the premium version you can charge for listing ads. Integrates with Community Builder, JomSocial and ACYMailing.

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