Social media in 30 minutes a day

Our professional marketing team spend all day every day thinking about SEO, social media and advertising. However, if you’re running your own business or working as part of a multi-functional team, you won’t have time for this dedication. Here are 5 ways to get an effective social media presence up and running; social media in 30 minutes a day.

Set yourself a time slot, and stick to it

For most people, the first task of the day is the most likely to get done. If you need a transition from a rough commute into a smooth working day, then reading Tweets and updating the company Facebook page can be a great way to improve your corporate visibility and SEO while making use of otherwise dead time. For others, the last slot of the day (‘I’ll do this and then I can go home’) helps them limit their social media time to a productive quantity.

Schedule and automate

Social media isn’t purely responsive. As well as dealing with comments or criticisms, you’ll also want to advertise your business, announce a special offer or write a blog post. Spend one of your 30 minute slots crafting a set of repeating tweets or Facebook posts for the month ahead, and then use a service like HootSuite to ensure they’re published at the right time.

Focus on the most valuable sites

There are so many social networks out there that you can’t possibly cover them all. Spend some time to figure out which ones are the most valuable for your business, and focus on those. The answer will vary enormously from company to company and you may have to learn to use new tools. As an example, a home décor company will probably get an SEO boost from a successful Pinterest campaign, while a commercial decoration company might do better building B2B connections on LinkedIn. If you’re going to keep your hours down and your effectiveness up, you have to ruthlessly prune your social media list.

Stick to your policies

The less you have to think, the quicker you can react. If your team repeatedly deals with certain situations, set a policy or game plan everyone can use. One of the most time consuming issues for small businesses can be dealing with complaints and criticism. Few companies find it easy to resolve problems in the hothouse of social media, so it’s worth making a policy that you only deal with certain issues by phone or email. Sticking to it can save you some nasty wrangles.

Hire the experts

If your blog posts are unreadable or your Twitter account is losing followers, it might be time to call in the experts and refocus on the important work of your business. At boxChilli, we’ve made outsourcing your SEO and social media easy: you maintain control and set the direction while we do the day-to-day grind.

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