Travel Industry Case Study

2022 - Present PPC Management
  • 22,902%
    Return On Investment
  • £0.21
    Cost Per Conversion
  • 54%
    Interaction Rate

Who is the client?

The client is a renowned travel provider who offers a range of travel services. From everyday return tickets to seasonal travel tickets.

We started working with this client in 2022, providing PPC and SEO services.

What we did

We received a brief from the client, that they were looking to run a summer focused campaign. Sending qualified traffic to the ticket pages before a campaign launch ahead of the Summer Holidays.

We opted for a Performance Max Campaign, as this allowed us to create an audience signal which matched their target audience, of which we have based this on learnings from previous campaigns that we’ve run.

Opting for this strategy, has allowed us to extend their reach, increase their visibility, gaining qualified additional traffic, who are purchasing tickets for their travel service. We had this campaign running for 8 weeks, spending £452 and have generated £104k in conversion value. In doing so, generating a great return from investment of 22,902%.

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