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  • 147%
    Increase in users following a change in domain
  • 150%
    Increase in new users year on year
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Who are Covers?  

Homegrown, family-owned Covers have been a South Coast stalwart for over 175 years, supplying trade and retail customers with diverse and quality timber and building materials.

In 2019 Covers planned, not only renew their 5-year-old website, but also change the domain name which they had since their first website in 2010 from ‘.biz’ to ‘’.

As we saw in 2018 when Tesco vanished from Google overnight with the closure of Tesco/, it is extremely important to manage URL changes. Covers reached out to boxChilli in November 2019 to manage the move.

cover timber and business merchants domain move and SEO support

Why is changing domains a challenge to SEO?

Moving domains can cause irreversible damage to your search engine rankings. This is because Google (other search engines are available) determine rankings through metrics based on both domain level and page level. When you decide to switch to a new domain, you reset back to zero and Google has to start again. Fortunately, SEO agencies can minimise the damage and effectively negate the effects of moving to a new domain.

By effectively managing the domain move, not only did we maintain Covers rankings, but we also increased users by 147% year on year.

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