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2021 Enhancing LinkedIn Presence Visit Website
  • 975%
    Increase in Post Impressions
  • 1,650%
    Increase in Followers

Who is Business Edge?

Business Edge provides technical services within the air conditioning, refrigeration, and heat pump industries. They also provide Technology Training & Certification and Product Design & Build, amongst other technical services. 

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What we did with Business Edge

Upon starting work on Business Edge, the Managing Director had a personal LinkedIn account with a significant number of valuable connections which wasn’t being used to its full potential. We completed an audit of the LinkedIn account to identify what work needed to be done to maximise the effectiveness of the platform. Once this was completed, we optimised both the MD’s personal account and the business’ page, updating description, imagery and the headline amongst other features. We then began creating regular content for the page, including information on projects the company have been running, as well as covering relevant topics such as women in engineering.

In October we created a newsletter to send out to Business Edge key contacts, detailing important training dates as well as discussion of relevant content to promote authority within the industry. As well as building the previously created pages, we also created a separate page for Business Edge Training, which we keep updated with dates, testimonials and information specific to this side of the business. We were able to quickly build up an organic following to the page, gaining traction from interested parties.

We have also utilised LinkedIn for separate activities to benefit the business, including advertising for a job role and connecting with relevant people in the industry.

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