Huge boost in organic traffic for Tailored Aesthetics

Boosting Organic Visibility For Tailored Aesthetics

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  • 4000%
    Increase in Organic Clicks in 6 Months
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    Monthly traffic
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What We Did

In our mission to revitalise Tailored Aesthetics’ online presence, we implemented a comprehensive, multi-pronged digital strategy, designed to enhance visibility and user engagement.

The first step was a Website Redesign. Recognising the need for a visually appealing and user-friendly platform, we overhauled the existing site to provide a more intuitive and interactive user experience. Our redesign emphasised clean, modern design elements, efficient navigation, and mobile responsiveness, catering to a growing segment of smartphone users. In addition, we ensured that the website’s speed was optimised, as page load times significantly influence bounce rates and overall user experience.

Keyword Research

Next, we focused on Keyword Optimised Articles. Keywords are a cornerstone of any successful SEO strategy. We conducted extensive keyword research to identify terms and phrases relevant to Tailored Aesthetics’ services and their target demographic. Once we had the keywords, we wrote informative and compelling articles, providing helpful content that not only resonated with potential clients but also enhanced the website’s search engine visibility.

Our Technical SEO approach complemented the content strategy. We optimised the website’s structure and code to ensure seamless crawling and indexing by search engines. This process involved refining the site’s metadata, implementing schema markup, fixing site navigation, and ensuring a secure and accessible website. These technical tweaks allowed search engines to understand the site better, positively impacting its ranking in search results.

Local SEO Strategy

Recognising the importance of reaching local clientele, we implemented a Local SEO strategy, focusing on highly localised search terms. We optimised the site for geo-specific keywords and optimised the Google Business Profile, driving visibility among customers in and around Southampton.

Lastly, our Content and Imagery Overhaul was aimed at creating a cohesive brand image that accurately reflected Tailored Aesthetics’ ethos and offerings. We revised all existing content for clarity, relevance, and SEO, and introduced high-quality, professional imagery. This visual and textual upgrade not only improved SEO but also significantly enhanced the brand’s perceived value, ensuring the site conveyed the quality and professionalism synonymous with Tailored Aesthetics.

Each of these components, working in tandem, played a pivotal role in our comprehensive digital strategy for Tailored Aesthetics, catapulting their online presence to new heights.


The results for Tailored Aesthetics speak for themselves:

Originally averaging just 100 impressions, and less than one click a day, our efforts catapulted this to over 6,000 impressions and 100 clicks a day.

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