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As the web evolves, it’s learning to move. Animation skills are becoming more important for advertisers and web developers wanting to catch and hold the public’s attention. In many cases, users don’t realise the level of knowledge required to create the little video that’s caught their eye or make an animated graphic work across web, mobile and social media without a hitch.

At boxChilli, we believe in finding the right tools for every job. We offer professional animation services as a key part of our marketing and web development specialities. Lively and attractive adverts, product videos and even websites all use animation. From small projects, such as an animated sale sign on a website, to full-scale animated adverts, our team can tackle any project confidently and effectively.

Animation hiding in plain sight

Moving text, cartoon animals and mobile infographics are so ubiquitous that it’s easy to forget that they have to be created by human beings. We are so accustomed to reacting to the content, that the creator is often forgotten. As a result, it’s easy to overlook the animation skills at work on even simple-looking sites.

While big brands have the deep pockets to afford professionals, smaller brands have previously been priced out of the market. By bringing animation skills into the fold alongside marketing and web development, boxChilli are able to make moving pictures available to every business. From professional overlays on product videos to eye-catching sliding graphics on your website, professional animation adds a layer of quality and interest to your work.

Professional animation skills in Portsmouth

Our lead animation specialist, Phil Shenton, is a qualified and professional animator, with a BA (Hons) in animation. Having studied with Dreamworks animator Jason Anastas, he has the skills and the flair to transform creaky briefs into flowing animated visuals. A highly skilled animator, Phil spearheads our animation efforts across the board.

Working in our Portsmouth head quarters, he adds movement to static pieces of all kinds. From web development work to designing TV ads, his skills are in demand across our business. Animators can work directly with clients, for example to develop a fully animated advertisement or product demo, but you’ll more often spot animation skills used as part of a team effort, contributing to a marketing strategy or new web development.


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