Why you need content marketing

Content marketing has made a case for itself over the last few years, and has established itself as a successful strategy that companies can utilize to gain customers. It has been widely accepted by the industry, so much so that the term is frequently used within day to day business, but what does it actually mean?

In a nut shell…

Content marketing is the approach that involves providing useful and interesting information to existing and potential customers. It works on the understanding that by providing this information you are establishing your business as a helpful and reliable source, that in turn encourages sales and organic traffic. Webpages, infographics and videos are just a few of the ways content marketing can be enforced, meaning businesses can select the approach that is best suited to them and their clients.

 Content marketing in sense markets itself, through its many benefits that appeal to all businesses, both large and small. Whether it be as small as a Facebook post or an informative article, the strategy when applied correctly will reap results.

How will it help you?

Content marketing requires you to provide a flow of interesting and relative information for your clients, which in turn allows you to become a reliable, go-to resource for your clients. This means that customers will start to rely on you for updates and will continue to return for it, bringing in more organic traffic and increasing brand loyalty.

This strategy also enables your posts and business to become more shareable. By creating content that is tailored to your audience they are more likely to share it, and consequently revealing your business to new audiences. People in general tend to buy based on references from friends and family, meaning that this could lead to lots of new customers.

As well as encouraging new customers, it also helps to ensure repeat business. Businesses can sometime lose out to repeat business when they bombard customers with requests for more business. Content marketing allows you to keep previous customers in the loop, by offering them helpful updates that won’t put them off future purchases and instead encourage them. When done correctly content marketing should (and will) generate more leads, and consequently sales. This is due to the nature of content marketing, which through high engagement levels encourages customers to trust and therefore use your company.

If we haven’t already persuaded you

The cost of inbound marketing is more often than not cheaper than what companies spend on outbound marketing. This is because a single piece of content (created by your own company) can go a long way. Each piece can easily be repurposed for the various channels of content marketing, for instance a blog post can easily be transformed into an infographic, and then adapted to your weekly newsletter.

In the modern day, any business that wants to succeed needs to be doing content marketing as the benefits are simply too great to overlook it. If you are interested in doing this for your business or have any questions, here at boxChilli we are experts in this field and are happy to help you out.

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