Mobility Scooter Insurance – BlueBadge

Blue Badge, who offer mobility scooter insurance have just retained boxChilli for a further year for digital marketing.

Following on from our first very successful year of working with Blue Badge on their digital marketing they have retained our services for a further 12 months.

Blue Badge Mobility Insurance is a specialist insurance company providing niche insurance products specifically designed to meet the needs of people who use mobility scooters and wheelchairs.

As part of their digital marketing contract with us, we look after the following services for them:


Digital Marketing

PPC Paid Search

Web Design

Website Support 

Anders Bohea, MD of boxChilli said: “I’m really pleased regarding our continuing contract with blue badge as they are one of the leading providers of mobility scooter insurance in the UK, we always like to work with market leaders. it continues our ongoing relationship with the owners as this is the second contacts with have with them for different businesses”.

We have already designed and developed a new website for Bluebadge.  We have been undertaking their digital marketing for over 12 months ganging some impressive results. Recently they have extended their contact with ourselves asking us to now undertake the management of their Google ads campaigns and associated re-marketing activities on a monthly basis.

Each month we will be focusing on various digital marketing activities including SEO and Conversation Rate Optimisation.

As part of their ongoing support package we are on call for any issues with the website transactions, and provide a full backup services to their in house staff, able to assist when necessary.

The current website is not only an e-commerce website selling insurance, it also has a back office system we have developed that handles all of the yearly policy renewals and has a range of custom reporting that has been custom developed by our own in-house developers.

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