What is a consultant, and why do you need one?

What can a consultant do for you and your business?

Modern day businesses have never had it harder, yet easier at the same time. The market is saturated with business from all industries, which can sometimes make it difficult for businesses to attract the audience and success they desire. However, the market is also bursting with opportunities to help businesses improve and reach the results they want. If a business was looking for a way to improve, one of the most effective ways is to bring in a consultant. The role has been tried and tested throughout all businesses, and continues to be an investment that pays off.

A consultant is essentially a fresh pair of eyes; except those eyes have 20/20 vision and can see in the dark. A consultant brings industry knowledge, success and expertise with them to help businesses to identify and tackle weak spots. Whilst the role of a consultancy is specific, each consultant brings their own unique opinion and ideas – which is why it is essential you pick the right person for the job.

Meet Anders

Our Managing Director, Anders Bohea, provides a consultancy service that is unparalleled; due to his experience and business intuition that has led to success throughout his career.

For over a decade he has been the driving force behind the growth of boxChilli, ever since he started the business in 2003 up until the most recent expansion to our Southampton offices. Before boxChilli Anders worked within IT and Marketing roles, across blue-chip companies Orange, Vodafone and Anderson Consulting; each role adding to Anders’ vast skillset. These roles introduced Anders a wide range of customers, as they required dealing with both B2C and B2B environments. Anders’ career proves his ability to find, create and complete successful projects, for instance he developed and owned one of the largest sailing and adventure sports online retail stores in the UK which he then sold, adding to his already impressive portfolio. 

With consultants more in demand than ever before, the supply is just as big, making choosing a consultant a tricky task. Numerous consultancy agencies are on hand to help businesses out, with consultants on standby for any industry – but that doesn’t necessarily make them the best option. Large agencies often pick their consultants straight out of university, meaning that whilst they have the theoretical know how, they lack the essential hands on experience. Anders however, has 20 years of IT and marketing experience and knowledge, and offers a consultancy that specialises in Digital Strategy, eCommerce and Project Management; all of his knowledge accumulated through his hands-on career.

With technology now at the centre of society, investing in your digital strategy or expanding into eCommerce ensures your business will remain relevant to your consumers. Our Managing Director is here to help guide you and your company throughout this process to success.

What to expect from your digital marketing consultant

Once your consultant is on board you are going to want to see results, however they won’t appear overnight and like all good things, these will take time. Before any changes or decisions are made, it is essential that the consultant and the business are on the same page in regard to the target goals for the company; both working in cohesion towards a better business. Any consultant should prioritize time to review the current practices within a company, so they can decide the best approach needed to make improvements, as every business will be different. It is important to remember that a consultant is there to consult, and isn’t going to roll out any changes without your permission or know how. By hiring a consultant, you are inviting them to help you identify the weak spots within your Digital Marketing, and to share their expert advice on how to tackle them.

Taking risks in business is essential now more so than ever, in order to stay relevant to the ever-changing consumer; a consultant is there to guide you through these big risks, rebrands and much more.

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