Animation: the marketing boost you’ve been looking for

In our digitally-driven world, it’s harder than ever to capture your audience’s attention. Small businesses find themselves competing with the multi-million-pound marketing teams run by the multinational giants, and it can seem overwhelming. Stand out from the crowd with something that is literally all singing and all dancing: animation.

From classic cartoons to web tricks to business pitches

Most people picture hand-drawn cartoons like Mickey Mouse when they think of animation. Today, most animators are working on computers designing elements of websites, marketing tools and advertising. Animation is everywhere, and in 2017 that trend is going to grow. Almost all of the top websites use animated elements in their design. A big trend in 2016 was to have background images that moved. What looked like embedded video was often a clever animation trick, where designers used a static image for most of the picture and only animated a small part of it. Likewise, if you’ve ever used a whoosh or a fade, in PowerPoint, that’s very simple automation designed to improve your business pitch.

Why use animation?

Movement is eye-catching. In a pre-historic meadow, both lunch and danger would often be represented by a tiny movement in the long grass, and even today, when tracking down food means wandering into the nearest Hampshire sandwich shop, we’re drawn to motion. Animated elements attract attention and hold it for longer than text, static images, photos or graphics.

Animation is an incredibly diverse field, as we’ve mentioned, and the business applications are equally numerous. With animation you could:

  • Focus attention in a pitch to a new client
  • Create a how-to video or product demo
  • Develop an animated mascot
  • Make an eye-catching banner ad
  • Draw customer attention to specific parts of your webpage
  • Develop a series of adverts that capture the nation’s heart
  • Make a safety or training video for your employees
  • Present your annual report in a format that people actually pay attention to
  • Enhance a live video recording
  • Turn a photo slide show into an engaging video or advert
  • Become a YouTube sensation

And, of course, there are plenty of other options, too.

Animation: the marketer’s dream

Videos are easier to digest than text or infographics as the information within them can be presented in a clear sequence. For most people, a complex idea presented in a video format is much easier to absorb and remember. Animation lets you move beyond the limits of the real world quickly, easily and cheaply. As an example, imagine you’re creating a video to celebrate opening a new store. You can easily get live-action shots of the interior and exterior, maybe show the store manager welcoming their first customers – but how do you zoom out to show where it is in Hampshire? Animation of course!

From cuts, segues and flair enhancing live video to dancing web ads, animation lets you grab and direct your audience’s attention – and it comes at an affordable price. At boxChilli we’re proud to have a professional animator as part of our in-house marketing team. We believe that his skills are an essential part of the modern marketing toolkit. By integrating a highly-trained animator into our team, we’re able to offer our clients a much more effective marketing and web development package without breaking the bank.

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