Animation brings your ideas to life

A thought pops into your head – and then pops out of it, forming a shimmering thought bubble. A chart changes, showing growth and sector improvements over 10 years. A cheerful cartoon character demonstrates your products with aplomb. Animations are everywhere, from TV advertising to blog graphics. Attention-grabbing and colourful, they have a strong impact on users, often presenting information more quickly than people can read.

In online marketing and e-commerce, animations are any eye-catching way to present information across a wide range of sectors. From small infographics to full scale animated videos, a skilled animator can bring any idea to life. Modern computer technologies have brought the cost of professional animation down, bringing this excellent marketing tool within the reach of small businesses. Continue reading to discover how animation brings your ideas to life.

Make your words move

Movement catches the eye, and video grabs the attention. An animation, whether it’s as simple as an animated logo or as complex as an embedded movie trailer grabs the viewers attention, drawing it to a particular area and making that idea seem more urgent and important. The applications in web development terms are endless, and run from rotating news stories to embedded video channels.

Present information in order

One advantage of an animation is that it presents images and information in the order you’ve chosen. While users browsing your website may hop and skip through pages in any order, skipping sections and going back and forth over pictures, a video presents information in a clear, sequential order. This makes it a great choice for how-to and trouble-shooting tips. For some issues, you’ll want a complete video, with voice-over and text, while for others a few frames in a repeating sequence may be enough.

Create a background that buzzes

Not all animations have to be front and centre. A recent trend is to use a video or animation as the background for your website. It can be particularly effective for businesses that offer lifestyle products, as you can showcase multiple glossy shots of newly-renovated bathrooms, beautiful hotel rooms, fabulous hair styles or whatever your market desires.

Mix photo’s, videos and drawings

Modern animation techniques can combine live action video, photographs, drawings, charts, text and other graphics. Animated text can be a great way to enhance a product or sales video while real product photographs can improve a cartoon-style infographic. For some animations, sound or a voice-over provides an additional level of information easily and effectively.

Full-service animation solutions

Animation is a skilled profession. At boxChilli, we’re proud to have a qualified animator on our team. Working with our web development and technical staff, he creates animations at all levels of complexity. We aim to offer full-service animation solutions. Our team will work with you from your first idea through to the final product, and can source other professional skills, such as product photographers or voice-over artists, as required.

Our in-house designer is an extremely talented animator, backed up with a BA from Portsmouth University in Animation. If you are a business based in Portsmouth, Hampshire or surrounding areas and would like to find out how to bring your business to life through animation, or would like find out more about other digital services available please visit our pages, view our portfolio or make contact with our web design and digital marketing team. We really like to talk.


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