5 tips to improve your business Instagram

Social media is an extremely-powerful platform which is ever-expanding. Instagram, in particular, has over 700 million active users worldwide since its introduction in 2010. There have been numerous influential moments through Instagram posts and is one of the largest social media networks in the world, inhabited by every type of person you could think of. With 32% of all internet users on the site, it’s easy to understand why it’s smart to utilise this platform for your business. With this in mind, we’ve put together five tips to improve your business Instagram or to inspire you to start one if you haven’t already.


Life is often about timing and your Instagram is no different. Posting content at an optimum time to reach the most people and receives the most engagement means the post you create will get the recognition it deserves. You can use your own research, insights and old-fashioned trial and error to define the ideal time to post.


You can add up to 30 hashtags on an Instagram post so utilise this and reach a wider audience. Spend time researching the best hashtags for your business and brand. Range between popular and more niche options to reach more users. Create your own hashtag for team days out or special events so these photos can be found in one place.


With staying consistent, there are two aspects to focus on. Firstly, uploading the odd post once a month isn’t effective. A regular posting schedule can increase engagement and followers, which is vital in all social platforms. It also increases brand loyalty as your followers can expect to see your content on set days of the week. Having fresh content which engages your audiences is vital for your success.

On the other side of consistency, keeping up a strong brand identity is important. Things like consistent visuals, using brand colours, fonts and timing all combine to create the identity which your followers will recognise and associate with you. Having odd posts which don’t really follow a pattern or schedule is fine for a personal Instagram, but a business Instagram needs to have that persistence.

Create a calendar

Don’t just post on a whim, create a well thought out schedule for your posts and stick to it. Of course, there may be heat of the moment or topical stories which need to be posted that day, which is fine. Otherwise, sit down and agree on a plan for the upcoming months. You can also record the success of your posts so you can see the sort of content your followers would like to see. Having some hard evidence to back up your strategy is vital for progress.

Link to your site

Always link your social media packages back to your site. It’s another form of advertising which can draw in users and encourage conversions. Make sure it’s easy for potential clients to get to your information.

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