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Hello, I’m Jonjo, Head of SEO at boxChilli. Thank you for attending my session at BrightonSEO! We’ve put together this special resource, just for attendees, that I know will help you to leverage the strategies we discussed and boost your SEO efforts.

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Install Our Free PAA Extractor Tool

The People Also Asked Extractor Tool is a free method of automatically downloading a list of relevant long-tail keywords on any topic. These can then be incorporated into your content strategy. 

By analysing PAA questions, you can identify keyword topics, understand the intent behind searches, and discover any gaps in your content. This enables the creation of content that is highly relevant and engaging, and that answers the questions that users are actively seeking.

Or in other words ‘helpful, reliable and people-first’.

Meet GAPPY, the Custom GPT That Analyses your content

Gappy is a specialised version of ChatGPT designed to assist with website content analysis. Its primary function is to analyse sitemaps, focusing specifically on blog articles, and then organise these posts into distinct thematic ‘clusters’, helping to visualise the content structure of a website.

Gappy then identifies specific content gaps that the site does not yet cover and suggests new topics or themes that could enhance the website’s content offering and improve its SEO performance.

Prompt Engineering with The JONJO Method

The JONJO method is a structured approach for crafting prompts that optimises communication with AI systems like ChatGPT. The method helps users formulate prompts that are clear, detailed, and purposeful. This in turn ensures that responses are relevant and precisely aligned with user expectations.

So, yes, it may have a silly name, but using the JONJO method really does improve the efficiency and accuracy of your AI interactions, making it a useful tool if you are looking to leverage AI technology for SEO content.

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