Why you need a responsive website design for your business

The old adage ‘start as you mean to go on’ stuck in people’s minds for a good reason – it makes sense. If you don’t start the design phase thinking about the different types of devices that will be using your website, then you could be losing out due to a poor design and will have to start again later. In this article we will be discussing some of the ways that a responsive web design will make your website better for you and your customers.

What is a responsive web design?

A responsive website design is a design for a website that exists as one URL – instead of there being extra versions, such as a mobile version – which will resize itself to be best displayed to the user so that they can easily complete the purpose of the site. This also allows for greater cohesion of your website’s style and navigation, as elements will be resized and moved but will still follow the same style.

Many different device sizes exist today

It’s not a case that there is one size for a mobile and then one size for a desktop screen, so building a desktop site and a mobile site won’t cover it anymore. There are so many phone and tablet sizes nowadays – not to mention phablets – and the screens for PCs and laptops are just as different again so a responsive design is what you need. As stated above, the responsive website design will be based on one URL not several, so it can be programmed to adapt to the screen size, no matter what it is.

A hard to use site is a turn-off

Many websites that are not responsive will not be well-displayed on a mobile or tablet device. Buttons and text will be far too small to use without scrolling, clicking into text input boxes will be difficult and un-optimised images will not display correctly. The whole process could be annoying enough for your customers to go to one of your competitors instead to complete their transactions.

Perform better in search results

The number of users getting out their mobile phones or tablets to browse the internet is on the rise. Recognising this shift in behaviour, Google has updated its algorithms to favour those sites that are mobile friendly and will load faster on mobile devices. This focus on the user experience of your site is going to help you boost your rankings and improve your SEO, bringing you more users and a better conversion rate.

You will only need to maintain one site

Having a responsive website means that you will only have to take care of one website and any changes you need to make can be done to that one site. This will save you time and effort, which you can use to improve your business or services in another area. You’ll also only need to pay for one site to be created, which is another little bonus for you.

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