Why include Mobile Friendly SEO in an Overall Strategy?

The world of the web and SEO in general has always moved along at something of an alarming rate, with innovations and new technologies coming into play almost on a daily basis. Indeed, there can be no example more pertinent or important to the modern world of SEO than that of mobile web technology, which is single-handedly spurring a revolution of epic proportions and requiring a rethink in the SEO strategy as it may be known today.
For any SEO strategy to be successful, it of course has to be right on the pulse of the industry in relation to the biggest and most significant developments of all. Needless to say, as mobile technology advances fate beyond its humble origins and seems to be evolving on a daily basis, consumer trends are adapting and demands are shifting. As such, it is simply no longer a case of devising an SEO strategy with the needs of the home web-browser in mind and expecting the result to be a successful one, as huge crowds are making a mass exodus toward full dependence on mobile technology.
Theoretically, an SEO strategy with the mobile user in mind will of course include most of the same elements as the standard SEO strategy, given the fact that most major search engines currently use exactly the same algorithms for determining rankings regardless of how the search is carried out. However, logic would clearly suggest that as time moves forward and the search engines across the board begin to take into account mobile web trends, online those sites meeting specific compatibility and other such requirements will be afforded the privilege of higher rankings.
As it stands, a standard SEO strategy may be more than enough to boost rankings and bring home at least a modest degree of success, though as the world moves every forward into a mobile-web dependent era, the time to begin thinking carefully about mobile friendly SEO is very much right now.

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